Looking Big

In The God's Must be Crazy (I can't remember if it's 1 or 2), a young boy comes across a wild animal in the African desert. To make himself look bigger, the boy takes a branch and lifts it over his head, so as to intimidate the predator and prevent him from attacking.

Every organization starts small. But just because you are small doesn't mean you have to act small. A professional looking web site, excellent customer service, and well-trained employees (even if the only employee is yourself) can go far in creating the illusion of size and sustainability.

Here's one example as far as web site goes. Prampram Worldwide Education is a small non-profit organization created to sponsor the education of children in Ghana. Despite Prampram's small size, its web site is done in a way that it surely portrays an image of success. With this web site, Prampram can leverage "looking big" to help itself fill out and become as large as it already appears.


Michelle said...

Love it! What a great example for this post! Go Prampram!!! I hope everyone takes a look at that website. I think Jenna is a good example too. She is definitely small, but she has a BIG attitude that has kept her surviving. Maybe she'll be an entrepeneur someday like her dad. =)

Quinten said...

I know a company where they advertise a Ph.D. staff. Just so happens they have one Ph.D. at the place and he comprises all of the "staff" that handles questions.