The Wallet of the Future (update)

Last year, I wrote about my dream wallet; a gadget that could consolidate my keys, phone, and wallet into one device. It looks like that dream might become a reality sooner than later, as many tech companies are coming out with some pretty cool software, apps, and gadgets. Here are just a couple of examples:

How your phone will replace your keys.

How your phone will replace your credit card.

I still haven't seen anything in terms of a digital driver license and other important document, or a good system that will track purchase receipts and loyalty programs. If anyone has seen a good example of any of those things, send me a tweet @brandbadger.

I used to think that we as a society couldn't possible continue making breakthrough innovations year upon year, but it is definitely happening. It's so exciting to live in this age where technology is only restrained by our imagination.