Expensive But Fantastic!

This is quite possibly the worst ad I've ever seen. I found it in Delta's Sky magazine. It's so bad, it's actually quite funny. Click the image to enlarge.


Last week, my 3 year old niece asked my sister, "Mommy, will you take us to Diddneyland?"

I think Walt must have grinned a little in his grave. If not him, then a few brand managers over at the mouse house at least. Somehow Disney has penetrated the American childhood so early that we have 3 year olds who not only know about an amusement park hundreds of miles away, but also have a sense of its enchantment, to the point that they beg their parents to go there. And seeing those cute, pouty faces is often just enough to convince us to pay the $68.00 ticket price (not to mention all of the other costs) for a 3 year old to enjoy the park for a day.

I can't decide if I should be impressed or worried. I think the marketer in me feels one way and the parent in me feels the other.

On an unrelated note, my other niece had a birthday and when we sang happy birthday to her, her siblings shouted "Charmin Ultra-Soft!!!" at the end of the song. Who started that, and how did it stick?