Online Job Searching (part 2)

Here are a few common phrases from online job postings, along with what the phrases really mean:

"entrepreneurial minded" or "self motivated" = you're on your own

"unlimited earning potential" = you'll be on commission and will probably earn less than fixed salary

"outgoing personality" or "great people skills" = cold, hard sales

"fast-paced job" = stressful

"no experience necessary" = you can get a better job than this

"independent position" or "1099" = you'll pay double tax next spring

"possible management opportunities" = we'll probably ask you to recruit your friends

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Michelle said...

It's me again! With the dumb comments! I just wanted to tell you I thought that post was very intuitive and very funny. I remember looking through jobs with you on Craig's list and seeing all of those terms.'s hard to find a job these days when all of the options are pretty crummy. ;)