B-Schools Should Know Better

Having elected to make my GMAT score public to graduate schools, I have lately been receiving many solicitations for MBA programs across the country. I have been heavily recruited by a number of programs, from Top 20 schools like MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Virginia, to relatively obscure schools like the University of Denver and Webster University. What surprises me about nearly everybody is the poor job they do in trying to recruit me to their institution.

One would think that with even a little bit of the business savvy these schools purport to be able to teach me, these schools would be able to come up with something better than send me endless spam and junk mail. If I really am a priority candidate, why not call me to speak with me in person rather than sending out a blanket message that may as well be for replica watches or fake prescription drugs?

One exception to all of this has been Notre Dame. They sent me a substantial packet with a pamphlet about the school. In addition was a letter expressing interest in me. What was different about this letter, however, was that it was actually signed with a real pen, and the recruiter had written me a personalized message. Though it was a small gesture that probably took 15 seconds, I was impressed.

As I looked into the program, I decided that I would actually apply. Upon noticing that their application fee ($112) was twice that of most schools, I called them to see if they would waive it for me. If they really wanted me, I reasoned, they should waive it. They did. Again, I was impressed.

Though I still have several other schools where I am applying and have not made up my mind, I learned that it's not hard to attract someone's attention. You have to choose your targets carefully and personalize your message to them instead of just shotgunning out postcards and spam to thousands of people and hope that someone will bite.

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Michelle said...

So Notre Dame is like a purple cow?? Looks like they were the only school to do something different and stand out. =) I think the other schools are just stinkin lazy. Really, they are not going to attract quality students to their schools. Pays off to be a little different and a little more sincere.