Nike Knows

Back in 2001, I attended Business Week, a conference designed to give high school seniors the chance to get together and learn about, well, business. We were divided into "companies" and given several tasks throughout the week. One of our projects was to come up with an original product, and then develop a marketing campaign for it.

My group came up with Tracks, shoes that stored music on them that could be played while you wore them. We thought that had created something amazing. From the concept (remember this was before iPods), to the name's double meaning, to the clever shoe print for a logo, we congratulated ourselves on a job well done. In a competition with the eleven other companies, we placed in the top three.

The point of this story is that I have since learned that in business, ideas are easy. If you don't believe me, take a look at 999 right here. I think that where 99.9% percent of us (including myself so far) fall short is in the implementation. If you've really got a killer idea, you've got to cross the barrier that separates imagination from action.


Michelle said...

Tracks...I like it. I don't really agree with you though, that ideas are easy. I am just about the least creative person ever when it comes to business ideas. I think a person that has ideas come to him or her easy is very talented. Like you, Drew! Let's put some ideas into action! I want shoes that play music!!! And I want to Lounge Around. =)

Quinten said...

I liked this idea from the 999 site:
Driving Drummer. Steering wheel cover/drum synthesizer. Drum sounds come out of your speakers.

Until then, I'll work on my drum noises.