Uh Oh, SpaghettiOs!

Chef Boyardee is finding noticeable results after starting its "Obviously delicious, Secretly nutritious" campaign. According to parent company ConAgra, consumption of Boyardee products has increased as awareness of its nutritional benefits has grown.

Similar to Kix's long-used slogan "Kid tested, mother approved", the Boyardee campaign is a good example of remembering to appeal to the customer AND the consumer (or, more accurately, what the customer perceives will appeal to the consumer). Companies sometimes get confused marketing products in which the person buying and the person consuming often not the same (such as breakfast cereal or canned ravioli). That Chef Boyardee points to benefits for both the customer (nutrition) and consumer (taste) plays to their advantage.

As far as the whole "don't tell the kids its good for you" element, that has definitely been done before, but it works here because they've been able to make the commercials amusing and not too sappy.

Bonus! Here's an old Chef Boyardee commercial, just for fun.


Michelle said...

Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee! Makes me want to eat some of that for dinner tonight...especially since it's nutritious!

Tram Le said...

Always enjoy your blog. Is this your homework for JnJ? :)