The Partnership

As described by Ken Kavajecz, the essence of the Partnership between the UW MBA program and each of its students is for each person to "ask for more than you think you deserve and to give more than you think you owe".

The more I thought about that this week, the more it resonated with me. That kind of environment, when properly executed, could create an avalanche of productivity and innovation. And I think this may have been where I have fallen short at school and work in the past. In past endeavors I've shown up, done what what expected of me, and that was it.

One of the reasons why I am excited for the next two years is because this is one way I hope to break the mold of my past self. By so doing, I hope to reinvent myself as someone who constantly asks for more than I think I deserve (in a good way, I hope), and gives more than I think I owe.

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Michelle said...

Wow! That's great! I think it also applies to life: marriage, religion, relationships, etc. That would make for a productive world.