College Admissions

Over the last 15 months I've spent hundreds of hours preparing for grad school: studying for the GMAT, researching schools, filling out applications, writing essays, interviewing, etc. Over this period, I pored over the web site of every business program ranked in the top 25, as well as the sites of a dozen unranked schools.

The whole process has been eye opening to me. On one hand, I have been appreciated, accepted, and awarded scholarships by some the country's top schools. On the other hand, I have been ignored, lied to, and discriminated by others. Naturally, I chose a school that welcomed me heartily over schools that wanted me to beg to get in.

I could go on for probably 20 pages about all of my observations about my experience. But frankly I don't have the energy to write it all down and edit it so that my arguments and opinions are sound and make sense. If you ever talk to me in person and want to get me going, though, just ask me about college admissions.

Seth Godin recently wrote about this subject. He argues that college has turned into an expensive status circus. He's not against higher education. He's just against archaic institutions being obstinate elitists who charge astronomical tuitions (which they get away with because of their prestige and recognition).


Jon Ogden said...

That's one of the best things I've seen from Godin. Fantastic points there, points I totally agree with.

Thanks for posting it.

Michelle said...

Yeah...I could go on and on about this post. Let's just say I'm glad we know where we are going now and I'm glad we NEVER have to apply for school again!