Sometimes the success of an idea can be determined simply by its presentation. When the owner of started out, sales of his venus flytraps were small. Only after re-branding the plants as fast-snapping, fly-chomping monsters did the concept become a hit. The beautiful thing about My Carnivore's business model is that no competitor can replicate it without being a complete rip-off. To me, this is a great example of using creativity to turn a simple business into a unique story that engages people.


Holly said...

Trends are fascinating. Love your blog! I will check back often.

Michelle said...

Presentation...that has always been fascinating to me. Especially ads in magazines and how they are formatted to fit the audience they are going for. Like hospitals...the ads always designed to make you feel safe and loved. And beauty product ads are always designed to make you feel like if you use their product you will be the most beautiful person in the world. Got to love analyzing commercials. You could probably do a PHD program on presentation and then teach it at college. I think a lot of kids would take that class.