Life Lessons from Yogurt Leaders

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Minneapolis, Minnesota and tour the world headquarters for General Mills. I had the chance to meet with and hear from some very amazing people who work there. Here are just a couple of the takeaways I wrote down from Becky O'Grady, President of Yoplait.

New products are extremely difficult to introduce, and less than 20 to 40% of them succeed. A brand manager must be courageous and resilient in order to last in this type of work.

Active engagement is necessary to be successful. Often, it's just the "what" that matters, not the "how". As long as you are results-driven, there are many ways to come about a solution. In addition, collaboration is key. Brand managers must have the ability to communicate and inspire effectively.

In all, it was a great visit! Thank you General Mills for hosting the CBPM MBA students!