True to Focus

Creating a brand extension into a new cagetory of products can be risky. When ballpoint pen manufacturor Bic started making razors, it worked out well for them. With lighters, same thing. But when it came to making perfume, Bic lost their focus and the product flopped. Up until that point, they had been making products that were for "disposable convenience." Perfume strayed from this category, so it failed.

When I started, I did so intending to follow in the form of sites like trendwatching and springwise. However, since I have started my MBA in Brand Management here in Madison, I've gained clarity in what my focus should be. As such, I have redesigned the blog and moved it to I will still be focusing on innovation and creativity, but doing so more in the realm of how it relates to brands instead of trends. I am still tweaking some things about the site, so please be patient as I get everything in order. Overall, I hope you enjoy what you read and that it is relevant for you. Please subscribe and tell your friends!